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How to read a SVR wx Hodograph

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How to read a SVR wx Hodograph

Post by Toot on 2012-03-25, 3:02 pm

Hodographs demonstrating the relationship between wind shear and wind direction and storm motion (A worriesome one will look like a fish hook) yikes for (A an B) unidirectional and (C an D) curved shear profiles. Heights are in kilometers and the thin solid vector (blue) depicts ground-relative wind directions at three heights.

Thin dashed vectors (green) depicts ground-relative storm motions for left-moving (L) and right-moving (R) supercells. Thick vectors (red) point in the direction of the wind shear vector at the given heights.

Updraft evolution in weak and strong wind shear conditions for unidirectional and clockwise curved wind shear profiles. Hodographs on the left define the wind shear type 0, 2.5 and 5 km levels.

Large and small circles represent relatively strong and weak updraft, respectively. The path of each updraft cell is indicated by a dotted line. Updraft structure is depicted at the early and mature phases of each storm surface gust front (barbed lines) and are included at the mature phase.

L is the approximate position of significant mid-level mesolow features. The direction of the updraft rotation (if any) is indicated by arrows.

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Re: How to read a SVR wx Hodograph

Post by Adam2014 on 2012-03-25, 8:19 pm

Thanks Toot!

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