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Tips and Tricks installing a Weather Station

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Tips and Tricks installing a Weather Station

Post by etnwx on 2012-12-01, 12:29 am


Moderators, please move to the appropriate forum if this topic is in the wrong place.

The purpose of this topic is to guide you with installing your weather station from finding a good location to getting your data on the Internet. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them, but please understand that this topic is "under construction", and I will be adding more information as time goes on and as I have time to add it.


Davis Instruments
It's probably well known in the weather community that the Davis weather stations give the best accuracy for the price. The price however, can be a bit hard to swallow, but if you research well, you can find good discounts on Davis products. Here is a good example: http://www.weathershack.com/discount/main.html.

Another advantage to Davis is they will refurb your station as often as necessary for a flat rate of around $120. It does not matter how many sensors are failing, if the anemometer is bad, or the console is flaking out, they will repair it for $120. Even if stuck by lightening, all out of warranty refurbs are $120. This is something to keep in mind if you plan to keep your station for years.

There are two basic models; the more economical Vantage Vue, and the more sophisticated Vantage Pro 2. My personal favorite is the Wireless Vantage Pro2 w/ Fan Aspiration (model 6153).

Davis Vantage Pro pluses compared to Vantage Vue:
+ Aneometer can be separated from temp/humidity/rain sensor to be located on roof/antenna/pole.
+ Rain funnel can remain near ground level for easy cleaning.
+ Additional sensors can be added.
+ Nicer looking (in my opinion) consoles.

Davis Vantage Vue pluses compared to Vantage Pro:
+ Compact sensor array design.

I have heard some very good things about Acu-Rite... more tomorrow. Wink

My web site: http://www.etnwx.com
My Weather Underground data can be seen HERE.

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Re: Tips and Tricks installing a Weather Station

Post by Toot on 2012-12-01, 9:03 am

Thanks Ron..looks like valuable info so far!

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Re: Tips and Tricks installing a Weather Station

Post by windstorm on 2014-11-23, 9:06 am

For this winter I put up a new anemometer @ 22ft. Should get some better readings vs my other weather station @ 7 ft. Plus this one is in real time.

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Re: Tips and Tricks installing a Weather Station

Post by Sponsored content

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