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Negative NAO/AO

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Negative NAO/AO

Post by windstorm on 2015-02-21, 11:44 am

Most of this winter has not seen much Negative NAO/AO or blocking in Greenland. So the question is do we really need it to have a cold winter.??? This winter so far has shown us that you don't have to have all that much. Very cold temps have happen in the month of Feb so far. To Sustained a cold pattern across most of the U.S. you would want a Negative NAO/AO. But what we have seen this winter so far in the Eastern part of the U.S it not a Absolute Necessity. There are other factors they play into this. But most people will tell you, you have to have these for a cold winter. Blocking would help to keep the cold air in place longer and a lot more cold air would spread across the U.S WITH A -NAO/AO... But this winter has seen a sharp divide in East vs West. Just my thinking on this. What do you think ///????? As always there are other factors that go into have a cold winter. Not just the NAO/AO..

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Re: Negative NAO/AO

Post by Toot on 2015-02-21, 2:33 pm

Last winter didnt really feature a -NAO/AO either. Both have been EPO driven really

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